We are a Japanese Australian family based in Australia. We discovered the difficulty in travelling with a food intolerance and a specialised diet and have become passionate about helping others overcome the difficulty of having a diet outside the norm in a foreign country. Japan is home to us. We are passionate about it and know its culture and beauty well. It's something we look forward to sharing with you. Our strength lies in our knowledge and experience of the food industry in Japan.  We understand the processes and ingredients and ask the right questions to insure all ingredients are vegan and some fish stock hasn't been slipped into your meal.

Veganism in Japan is still finding its voice. The vegan industry in Japan is a small movement but growing. Our work will inspire more and more restaurants to include vegan options on their menu whilst contributing to the growth of vegan tourism in Japan.  We look forward to you joining us on this adventure.

When you travel with us you can feel confident that you will be well looked after. You won't need to think about food and you won't need to research what you can eat. We have done all the planning for you, allowing you to focus on your holiday, enjoy delicious food and fabulous sightseeing and culture.

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