We have seen the best of Japan and we want that experience for you too. Let us take the worry out of your trip to Japan. All you will need to do is enjoy yourself and immerse yourself in the beauty that is Japan. We will customise your trip from arrival until departure. Your personal tour will include some or all of the following depending on your needs.

Activities developed to your interest and your requests.
We will plan your daily tours and ensure they include locations of vegan restaurants.
We will notify restaurants you're coming so they can prepare vegetable based stocks in advance as fish stock is normal practice in Japan.
We can arrange for a delivery box full of vegan food to arrive at your accommodation.
We will provide you with a detailed maps of your self guided tour.
We can organize a traditional or modern apartment for you that will enable you to prepare dishes or picnic lunches.
We will do a virtual tour with you to the supermarket.
We can speak to staff while your at the restaurant to make special requests on behalf of you.
We are available to assist you with any other requirements you may have while you are on your trip.
We can translate for you.

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